We Provide Top Of The Line Refrigerated Units

HH Refrigeration provides Refrigerated Containers all over the United States and Canada. HH Refrigeration provides all the needed units for your construction projects, product development or any kind of need, we are the number one company providing Refrigerated Containers, Portable Refrigerated Container for Rent USA, Emergency Refrigerated Container Leasing USA, Refrigerated Trailers, Mobile Freezer Trailers and more.

HH Refrigeration is a company that provides the highest levels of customer service, customer’s satisfaction is our biggest priority, all of our representatives are ready to receive your call and provide you all the information you need.

HH Refrigeration is among the very few companies that have all these units available all across the nation in USA and Canada; we have the units store in different locations like: Tucson AZ, Houston TX, Salt Lake City UT, Boston, New York City, Miami Fl, Orlando Fl, Atlanta, San Francisco, Richmond, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose CA, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Albuquerque NM, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Madison WI, Detroit MI and more locations around the nation.
Because HH Refrigeration has units stored all across the nation, we are able to deliver the units in the fastest time possible; in some cases the units can be fully operational within just a few hours. When customers are ready to receive the units, we make sure everything goes as planned and in the best reliable way for your rental.

HH Refrigeration has years of experience providing Refrigerated Container Rental USA, Emergency Refrigerated Container Rentals USA, Temporary Refrigerated Container for Rent USA, Portable Refrigerated Container Rental USA, Portable Refrigerated Container Lease USA, Mobile Refrigerated Container Lease USA, Mobile Refrigerated Container Lease and more to make sure you have best options for your rental.

Where can you rent Refrigerated Containers and Freezer Trailers?

HH Refrigeration is the number one option for your need, we provide the best Refrigerated Units you can find all across the nation. HH Refrigeration provides Refrigerated Containers in different sizes, we provide 8ft x 20ft, 8ft x 24ft, 8ft x 40ft and we also provide Mobile Freezer Trailers in other sizes available. For the most part, all these Refrigerated Containers that HH Refrigeration provides require 30 Amps of power and a 220v; however most of our Refrigerated Containers come with transformers to allow the units to operate out of 2 different volts such as 220v and 460v.

HH Refrigeration provides the best options when it comes to Reefer Container Rentals, our Reefer Containers are in the type of ISO Containers with great quality of refrigeration units; we have units available in High Cube and in different sizes. HH Refrigeration is also ready to put together any other units you may need for your project, but our main focus is to provide you the best refrigeration units available, our Refrigerated Container Rental units meet the best requirement for your rental in order for you not to have any issues with Health Departments, all the units we have available and in perfect conditions.